Wellington Power Corporation has been at the forefront of prefabrication for the electrical trade for decades.

In 1995 Wellington was awarded electrical contracts for three Maximum Security Prisons by the Virginia Department of Corrections. Each prison not only utilized concrete pre-cast exterior and interior wall panels, but stringent specifications were mandated to prevent inmates from having access to potentially dangerous material. Installation of electrical material within these pre-cast structures was an obvious obstacle. Prefabrication was the solution.

Over many months prefabricated conduit assemblies were constructed, labeled with specific assembly codes, and then packaged for shipment in a designated prefabrication shop at Wellington’s headquarters. The assemblies were then shipped to the pre-caster’s plant, laid individually into precast molds, and poured in place. Once on the site and erected, we continued the electrical wiring and finish work in the field.

This streamlined procedure provided greater efficiency and control at these correctional facilities, as well as many future complex projects, including: