Wellington Energy, Inc., a subsidiary of Wellington Power Corporation, is helping its utility clients spark a revolution in productivity through Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems. With a team responsible for upgrades of more than 23,000,000 electric, gas, and water meters, Wellington Energy is at the forefront of installing and retrofitting meters to collect, organize, and manage electric, gas, and water usage data. Beyond the labor cost savings associated with the automated collection and processing of usage AMI meter information as digital data, AMI network systems support corporate inventory control, and resource planning systems for controlling supplies and managing distribution.

Wellington Energy’s AMI technology, design, operational efficiency, and implementation services are unmatched. Our management team has more experience with AMI installations and retrofit operations than any other service contractor in North America. We have proudly delivered many of the first, largest, or most aggressively scheduled smart meter projects to date.

Pacific Gas and Electric

FirstEnergy Corp.

Avista Utilities

Portland General Electric