Wellington Energy

Synthesizing the collection of utility usage data

Wellington Energy, Inc., a subsidiary of Wellington Power Corporation, is helping its utility clients spark a revolution in productivity through the implementation of Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems for collecting, organizing, and managing electric, gas, and water usage data. Beyond the labor cost savings associated with the automated collection and processing of usage meter information as digital data, AMI systems support corporate inventory control and resource planning systems for controlling supplies and managing distribution.

Located in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, Wellington Energy provides AMI design and implementation services and is a leader in this emerging field. The management team at Wellington Energy has more experience with AMI installations and retrofit operations than any other service contractor in North America. With experience in high- and low-power RF solutions, power-line carrier technologies, basic and advanced POTS communication devices, and cellular and packet data systems, Wellington Energy can design, implement, and manage any utility AMI project anywhere in the world.

Wellington's next generation SERVAnywhere® Work Management System is the only fully integrated system created specifically for AMI project planning and scheduling. This comprehensive approach provides supply chain management, endpoint and network field work order dispatching and completion, global positioning system (GPS) image capture and cataloging, call center management, and inventory control.

Featured Project

Wellington Energy


Wellington Energy Inc. is providing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) installation and support services for Pacific Gas & Electric’s SmartMeter project. When Wellington secured the contract, the exchange of approximately 10 million meters alone presented an obvious challenge. Like some projects, the hurdles that Wellington would face in the coming months and years would be numerous. These obstacles, however, were overcome with seeming ease due to innovative thinking and a dedicated workforce.

The $2.65 billion PG&E endeavor has led to many notable and unparalleled achievements for Wellington Energy. The Company has reached the following milestones:

  • 24,000 meters installed in a single day
  • Operation of 15 deployment facilities concurrently
  • Nearly 1.6MM pieces of inventory worth in excess of $165MM in Wellington’s care and custody
  • More than 120,000 work orders dispatched daily
  • In excess of 3,000 SERVAnywhere® data transactions processed every second
  • More than 1,200 outgoing/incoming calls to Wellington’s Call Center on a daily basis
  • 96% of inbound calls handled within 120 seconds
  • 300,000+ appointments set with fewer than 0.2% of the appointments missed by Wellington
  • More than 10,000,000 miles driven with approximately one at fault vehicle accident per 200,000 miles
  • Wellington’s field errors are typically less than 0.15%.
  • Wellington has achieved unprecedented scale on its projects; annual installation rates are more than three times greater than had been previously achieved anywhere and more than ten times greater than a typical large AMI project.