Wellington Integrated Automation Technologies

Wellington Integrated Automation Technologies is the business unit where all of the corporation's capabilities - commercial design/build, building automation development, digital technology, and utility monitoring and control - come together to equip the intelligent buildings and smart integrated facilities that are commonplace today.

Wellington Integrated Automation Technologies manages specialty installations - the hallmark of which is systems integration and automation. Wellington is a leader in the advanced field of integrated building systems, where a centralized processor controls a facility's various technologies, such as power, lighting, HVAC, digital communications, security, fire alarm, data, telephone, and video surveillance systems. Wellington is committed to providing integrated protection for people, property, and data, as well as operational functionality for buildings and processes.

Featured Project


Wellington Power Corporation was selected by the Allegheny County Airport Authority to perform the Terminal Energy Plant Boiler Control Replacement Project, located at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

The project consisted of upgrades and revitalization to the four boiler energy unit system that provides the heating system for the entire airport facility and supporting structures.

The four boiler plant can create a total of six million BTUs of useable heat. The heated water is then pumped through a distribution piping network a mile long that supports the required heating needs for the Landside Terminal, Airside Terminal, and supporting facility structures. In addition to heating all of the buildings at the airport, the boiler plant also provides the heat utilized for the de-icing system equipment for departing aircraft. The boilers can run on natural gas or on fuel oil, producing an average water temperature of 290 degrees Fahrenheit at high pressure.

Wellington upgraded the boiler control equipment and provided new logical sequencing for the upgraded programmable controllers. The induct fans were converted from constant speed to variable speed by changing the 30 HP motors with variable speed 30 HP motors. This switch made the entire operation more efficient as well as bringing an antiquated analog control system into the digital age.

The plant upgrades will also enable the existing plant to be utilized for the new Terminal Modernization Project that is now underway.

Other work included:

  • Installation of new master control panel to communicate between the four boilers – integrated with airport’s central engineering operating facility
  • All new boiler safety, limits, and temperature devices
  • New oxygen trim panel to control oxygen levels to the trim panel to control flue gases
  • Furnished and installed all new safeties/limits and temperature devices
  • New control panels installed at each boiler with new VFD for 30 HP induction fan, new brake resistor, and inline filer for any electrical noise