Virtual Construction

Wellington Power Corporation has utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM) on multiple major projects. At the UPMC East project in 2010 – one of the first major projects in the Pittsburgh region developed with this new and emerging process – Wellington employed BIM for coordination both internally and with other trades (identifying and mitigating clashes), as well as for construction sequencing. The process included frequent on-site meetings with Wellington's Virtual Construction Developer to ensure accuracy of the "as-built" model. When possible, these appointments were regularly scheduled and face-to-face. If time or distance did not allow for this, Wellington worked to verify that all information was transferred in compatible formats and no data was lost in the file sharing process.

Since that important $24,500,000 contract, Wellington has continued the use of BIM on numerous projects, including UPMC/Presbyterian radiology department, Allegheny General Hospital Cancer Center, and the UPMC/Presbyterian Heart and Vascular Institute. Wellington continues to be at the forefront of the application of BIM, using both in-house trained staff and professional consultants.

Wellington Power Corporation’s usage of BIM on these projects and many others has resulted in elimination of redesign, better collaboration between Wellington and project partner trades, and, ultimately, enhanced performance.

Wellington invites and encourages project planners to incorporate virtual construction techniques and development of the company’s BIM capabilities into future projects.